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From International Athlete to Sports Scientist



BSc Loughborough & Sports Therapy

After four years of study at Loughborough university, I achieved first class honours in sports and exercise science. Throughout these years I studied  physiology, biochemistry, motor control, biomechanics, structural kinesiology & nutrition, to name a few. As well as my degree in sports & exercise science, I am fully qualified as a sports therapist. This means that together with my strength & conditioning background, I have knowledge & experience in not only performance, but injury risk reduction and recovery.

University was the start of my journey into education, but not the end of it. Many of my working hours still remain dedicated to staying up to date with current hypertrophy and strength literature to ensure continued evidence-based coaching practice.


Welsh International Rugby Team

Sports Scientist

In the 2018-2019 season, I was selected for a years placement as a sports scientist with the Wales Rugby Union first team. After my placement was complete, I was asked to stay on for the remainder of the year as the "off feet" conditioning coach - travelling with the team to Switzerland to help physically prepare the players for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

My work with Wales included implementing new research findings into practice for the team's tournament preparations, analysing training data and daily strength & conditioning sessions in the gym.


International Athlete

My ITF Taekwon-do Career

I began training martial arts at the age of 5, and never looked back. I went on training for over 15 years, competing internationally for the last 10 of those years. I competed for both the England and Welsh national team, being captain of the latter. Along the way I picked up multiple titles, including:

  • European Cup Black Belt Champion

  • World Cup Black Belt Bronze  

  • World Championships Black Belt Bronze

  • Multiple national titles


Personal Transformation

15kg lean weight gain - drug free

After years of studying and finally retiring from martial arts due to injury, I decided to put everything that I had learnt into practice on myself. I went from being a -63kg fighter to a lean 80kg+ in one year of training. I then decided to switch my attention to powerlifting, and added 20kg to my bench, 30kg to my deadlift and 30kg to my squat in just a few months of programming for myself. When my clients began seeing the same progress as myself, I decided to broaden my reach and take my coaching online.

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