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Why Online?

✅ VIDEO ANALYSIS: a coach can pick up on far more over video than by eye. Videos allow me to slow the film down, annotate, screenshot and screen record in order to give you the best feedback possible

✅ FEEDBACK: all of your feedback will be with you on your phone wherever you work out, so you’ll know exactly what to work on each session 

✅ DATA: there is no such thing as a “good session” or “good programme” without context. The more data we gather, the better your programme can be

✅ NUTRITION: we can simultaneously coach your nutrition as well as training, something not possible to keep on top of with in-person sessions alone

​✅ CONTACT TIME: with our WhatsApp and FaceTime contact, you’ll have far more contact time available than in person. This means you’ll have the potential to learn far more over your course of coaching than you could face to face

✅ YOUR CONVENIENCE: you can workout whenever and wherever you like, without having to book in a specific time slot to train

✅ AVAILABILITY: taking my coaching online has allowed me to coach clients who would never have been able to train with me in person. This has allowed me to coach clients from all over England, Scotland, Wales and even Australia!

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