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Client Testimonials

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“I found Tom a very inspiring and very knowledgeable coach, who helped me to do rehab for my various rugby injuries. He is also a great lad”

Shaun Edwards OBE


“Before having the pleasure of working with Tom, I trained like most people. I would turn up to the gym with no real plan other than knowing I was doing a specific set of exercises and I would push myself as hard as I could every session until eventually I got burned out or injured, inevitably missing out on training for several weeks which would turn to several months due to lack of motivation. 

The cycle of my training meant that while it was evident that I was naturally strong I never really made massive gains in strength nor were any of the gains I made persistent. Working with Tom has changed all of that. Tom’s methods are scientific and backed by research and from my own personal experiences the outcomes speak for themselves, his plans allow me to push myself without getting injured and slowly but surely (and in some cases rapidly) make tangible gains to my strength, range of motion and overall fitness.

He works with set of principles that make every plan specifically tailored to my abilities with a strong emphasis on technique. It’s a shame I never met him sooner. “

Nabil Abdulrashid - TV Personality, Comedian and Aspiring Strongman


“Before I started training with Tom I had been a personal trainer and a gym manager for multiple years. I thought I knew my way around the gym pretty well, training many clients myself and practically living in the gym. Tom has completely opened my eyes to the evidence based approach to training, and since working with him I have added 7kg of muscle at the same body-fat % and have added over 100kg to my powerlifting total - becoming stronger than I ever thought I could be.”

Sam - Personal Trainer & Powerlifter


“I have been working with Tom for almost a year and the progress has been incredible. Tom’s coaching has absolutely transformed all of my lifts and as a result have seen my strength increasing dramatically. 

As a top level athlete competing internationally I have noticed that training with Tom has correlated with strong improvements in my sport, playing a major role in my campaign to become ITF European Champion in 2021. 

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is serious about maturing in the gym and seeing great progress in both strength and physique. Tom gives brilliant feedback, is always ready to adapt to your needs and focusses not only on coaching, but also on educating you to becoming more knowledgeable in the weight room. His coaching is top class.”

Szymon Doniesiewicz - ITF Taekwon-Do European Champion 2021


"Within a few weeks of working with Tom I noticed some significant changes. Working closely together over the course of the next few months, Tom took my athletic capabilities to new levels - getting me the strongest, leanest and the most athletic I have ever been. Tom is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing working with him in the future. The above photo is a comparison between before and after my coaching with Tom 💪🏼"

Tom - MMA Competitor


"During my time working with Tom I have made staggering improvements both to my physique and to my strength. Tom’s knowledge when it comes to building strength and muscle is second to none and that along side with his incredible knowledge on diet and nutrition has helped me to achieve in 2 months what I had struggled to do in the previous 6 months without toms assistance. I would highly recommend toms coaching to anyone considering it. There are few coaches out there with as much knowledge on elite level performance as him."

George - International Martial Artist


"Tom’s coaching has been brilliant! 💪🏻 I’ve seen a crazy change in my strength, allowing me to be able to battle stronger, taller players on the court. My physique has simultaneously become leaner and more muscular!"

 Chester - Elite Basketball Player


“Tom’s workout plans and in-depth feedback have led me to understand my training and nutrition on a level I couldn’t have imagined. From hitting PBs numerous times in ours strength block, through to revealing a physique I’m proud of during a weight cut and his willingness to go above and beyond throughout - I cannot recommend his expertise enough. Thank you Tom”

Owen - MMA Fighter


"Tom's coaching was truly a game changer when it came to packing on some muscle mass. I thought I knew enough beforehand, however I had stagnated in progression for the longest time. Tom came and changed that, teaching me about the mechanics of my lifting movements, providing invaluable technique critiques and intelligent programming. Truly a game changer; his knowledge is very impressive. Not only that, but his advice works!  In just 3 months of programming from Tom, I was able to put on 2cm to my chest, 2.5cm to my arms, as well as 6cm to my legs. It can certainly be daunting at first to reach out for coaching and undergo such a mental shift when it comes to training, something I'm sure we're all a bit insecure about, but it was definitely worth it. Tom was encouraging, insightful and the most reliable coach you could ask for."

Josh Holmes


“With 7 years of experience in the gym and an avid researcher of nutrition, programs & technique as a result of my personal interest, I thought my strength plateau was inevitable. How wrong I was. I’ve learnt so much from Tom’s workout plan in terms of the approach to training using the mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding as well as improving my technique in the main lifts that I thought I had nailed! Just goes to show you can always learn new things to improve in a big way and I’m grateful for Tom’s regular contact to check form, especially as I’ve had periodic lower back issues too. Would recommend for new gym starters and experienced gym-goers!”



“Since working with Tom my understanding of strength training and skill in the core lifts has really improved. He is very diligent and readily available to provide regular advice to help develop you week in and week out. In just 3 months I added 50kg across my 3 main lifts and has provided me with invaluable knowledge that will continue to help me develop”

Joey - Rugby Player


"In the past I used to train long hours in the gym 6 days a week and never really seemed to get that much stronger - plateauing regularly. Through working with Tom he has helped me realise my strength goals through his knowledge and tailored intelligent programming, whilst providing key feedback for technique on lifts to ensure that the strength goals are achieved properly"

Brandon - Judo Competitor


"Tom helped me make a significant step in my strength and conditioning game. Before I started exercising with Tom, I was very stagnant in terms of feeling and results. I would just try and do more and more and achieve little or nothing. Tom's in-depth knowledge has lead to him providing me with a routine that has produced massive results. After a couples weeks of Tom's sessions, my weight started increasing significantly more than what I was doing on my own."



"Tom's coaching has increased my strength, muscle growth and overall athleticism. I now feel extremely confident in the gym, with my daily nutritional requirements, and what's going to help me in the future. I also know how to structure a plan and which variables to  track in the gym. Tom has given me the knowledge on how to maintain my body in perfect shape for my career. I am so excited to see my progression in the future, and I cannot recommend his training enough."

Will - Professional actor and dancer


“Tom has gone the extra mile to maximise my training, and I have seen my strength grow on a daily basis. Couldn’t recommend him enough to take your strength training to the next level!“

Dan - International martial artists


“I started off at the gym without any real knowledge of how to properly achieve the goals I had set. I tried fad workouts and never got a step closer to my ideal strength or aesthetic goals. Tom designed me a powerbuilding program and what a difference it has made - I’m now able to deadlift twice my own body weight, have developed proper technique for the lifts and I am no longer clueless over what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Tom’s program is tailored perfectly for me in a way that it includes exercise I enjoy and has a good balance between strength and aesthetic work so not only am I stronger but I also look the best I’ve ever looked”



“I have trained with Tom for multiple years now, after starting Uni and a full time job I lost my drive to get into the gym. Since training again with him, coaching and supporting me, I’m now motivated more than ever to grow and work on the areas I want to improve on the most. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone.”

Tim - International martial artist


"Having never stepped foot in a gym before, Tom coached me through the 'barbell beginners' program. After building my strength foundation, I'm now on the "Powerbuilding" program. In just 8 months I went from bench pressing 5kg dumbbells to a 75kg barbell, and deadlifting just the 20kg bar to 160kg. It's safe to say it worked!"


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"After years of various cardio training and sports I wanted to add strength training but didn’t know where to start. Tom not only gave me a programme to get going with but developed and changed the programme as time went on to help me continue improving, maintain momentum, and achieve my goals. For me it was just what I needed"



"Training with Tom brought massive improvements. His passion and knowledge of training both motivated me and enabled me to train whilst looking after my body."



“After reaching 40 I noticed that losing weight had suddenly become harder than ever and I was starting to get lazy and complaisant. I decided it was now or never so after seeing the amazing transformation that Tom had managed to achieve over the past 12 months I reached out for Tom’s help.

The change in myself both physically and mentally is unbelievable. I can’t wait to see my development continue. I can’t thank Tom enough for all of his amazing support and expertise, he’s truly been fantastic.”


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